MOST IMPROVED - Congrats to Anthony Spencer from Roosevelt HS for increasing his score by 360 pts on the Oct. SAT after taking our Norco Boot Camp!

IPad Winner for "Most Improved" - Anthony's score increased 360 pts. after taking the Be College Wise Boot Camp!

Congrats to our Fall iPad winners - Chase Ballard (Poly HS), Christian Thompson (Norco HS), and Anthony Spencer (Roosevelt HS)

Chase Ballard of Poly HS top scorer (2200 pts.), Anthony Spencer Roosevelt HS (biggest increase - 360 pts.) & Christian Thompson of Norco HS was the "Winner at Large"

Dates released for the San Diego Spring Boot Camp

The San Diego Boot Camp will be March 1st/2nd at the Days Hotel on Hotel Circle, San Diego

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Boot Camps are being offered in February/March to prep for the March 8th SAT. Locations are: Fullerton (Howard Johnson's); Temecula (La Quinta); Norco (Hampton Inn); Riverside (Comfort Inn); Ontario (Best Western, on Shelby); and San Diego (Days Hotel)

Experienced and Quality Teachers

At Be College Wise, we pride ourselves on our very accomplished and well respected teachers. Our teaching staff is comprised of full time high school teachers who are familiar and comfortable with teaching high school students. The SAT encourages divergent thinking which is an important life skill. All of our teachers acknowledge the value and rigor of the SAT and pass along that positive attitude to the students who take our course.

Our Students See Results

Student who have taken our 4 week course have improved their scores by an average of 250 points. Students, who are actively engaged in classroom instruction, do the nightly homework and all the practice tests can increase by 300 points. One student increased by so much (590 points), the CollegeBoard delayed her scores by 2 weeks to do an integrity check!

Our Cost Versus Others

Be College Wise is low cost, but does not sacrifice quality. We believe that all students should receive SAT prep and cost should not be a barrier.

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History and Philosophy


Using College Board Materials, we have built a comprehensive curriculum plan based on how students learn.  This in conjunction with our superb and experienced teachers gives us a highly successful equation.

Experienced High School Teachers

Our teachers are already specialized in their subject of either English or Math, they teach it to high school students every day!

SAT Book

College Board Materials

We use College Board materials, since they are the people who write the actual SAT Test.  Students are therefore working math problems, analyzing passages, grammar usage and essay prompts that have been used on prior tests.

 Be College Wise is a teacher-organized, low cost, highly effective SAT prep program. It was created and designed by high school teachers who understand the learning process of students.  Our mission is to make a quality and affordable  SAT Prep available to ALL students, regardless of income. We offer classes all over the Inland Empire: Corona, Murrieta, Redlands, Riverside, Norco, Morena Valley, & Lake Elsinore. And more locations coming soon!!!


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SAT/ACT Prep Classes & SAT Bootcamps

Nov 26 2011

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College Definition

 The SAT is a crucial part of the college application process. Sign up today for our SAT prep and take a step toward a brighter academic!

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NOTE: Be College Wise does NOT sign up students for the actual SAT test. Since the process requires personal information from you and you therefore need to do this yourself.


the college board

The College Board is a membership association in the United States composed of more than 5,900 schools, colleges, universities and other educational organizations. It administers standardized tests used by academically oriented post-secondary education institutions to measure a student's ability.

Sign up now with the College Board and start receiving the SAT question of the day, newsletters,reminders to register, and the new “My College Quick Start”. You can also find valuable information such as links to college information, financial aid information, college application calendar and tips.

After taking the actual SAT test you will find your score on the College Board website.

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Who takes the PSAT?

1.5 million Students take the PSAT from across the country. In 2009, 56% of the PSAT takers were sophomores. However, only juniors are eligible for NMSQT.

What is the PSAT?
The PSAT is the first formal step to a college education and begins your college planning. It is used to assess your skills and with a notable score enters you for scholarships and the NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test). A high score on the PSAT will allow you to be quickly noticed by top colleges and you find them coming to you!

To Gauge Your Potential SAT Score?  

The PSAT will give you a section score number between 20 and 80. The national average is 50 on each section. Using the PSAT as a benchmark, you can use your score to predict what you will get on the SAT. You can do this by adding a zero to the back of your score. Example, if you score 70 on each section of the PSAT, your PSAT score will be 210 and your estimated SAT score will be 2100).


 What is the NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test)?

What is the NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test)? 50,000 students nationally recognized as the top 3% based on their PSAT scores. The highest students in each state are chosen. In April of each year, these students are invited to give 2 colleges for referral to the NMSC (National Merit Scholarship Corporation). The top ½% of these students (8,400) get scholarships.


 Becollegewise provides a very affordable, student-centered SAT Preparation program that benefits students of all ability levels.  I am confident that this program is the best combination of expert preparation and affordability found in the local test prep industry.

-Matt Bean, Vista Murrieta H.S. English Teacher & AVID Coodinator


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